Pretty sure…

After it all ended, there is not one day that passes by that I do not think of him. I still love him a lot. I never stopped loving him even after every single bad thing he did to me. Where there was a happy conversation through texts or phone, now there is nothing. I sometimes look down at my phone hoping to find a small note for coffee or dinner but I come to face with nothing. Its very sad. What makes me even more sad is that I’m 100% sure he has someone else who is making him happy like I once did. Maybe a nubian princess how he loves to spoil or a asian girl he always desired. I also bet he does not think of me and is treating that person better than me. I guess I was very disposable like how many guys tell me. “You are just a easy lay. In reality you are a fat whore.”




After I had left to my second job, we started texting each other little cute text to each other. He invited me to have drinks with him and his friends but rejected him as I was very tired and I honestly just wanted to be with him alone.

A few days later, he asked me what I wanted for a man to do for me that would blow me away. I responded “to show up to my job with a bouquet of my favorite flowers.” He responded, “Thats it!? I was expecting that you wanted a car or an apartment. You deserve all that and more.” He said that I was humble and that he liked the fact that I liked simple things. I smiled and texted him reassuring that I was a simple girl with very good taste in certain things but materialistic things Im not very particularly upscale. Couple of days passed and we spoke on the phone couple of times, kept exchanging messages.

One morning though, he said he would love to see me since he would be in the city. I responded that I would be working all day and wouldn’t have time to see him and that we should schedule something later for the week. He agreed and made simple plans. Couple of hours later, I was at work when all of a sudden I see a man from afar walking into the establishment I work. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers and I recognized him immediately! I never thought he would have come all the way over just to see me along with my favorite flowers! I always fantasized a person liking me so much to do that for me! He came in and I greeted him with a smile. He kissed me on the cheek and handed me the huge flowers. “I couldn’t wait till Friday so I came looking for you! You look fantastic and your smile is what has me sprung!” I quickly kissed him on the lips and he was shocked.

I introduced him to my manager and he made funny jokes. We spoke a bit but he had to go to his meetings. He let me know if I was up for some drinks later that night that I should text him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to kiss me.

I saw myself actually liking him a lot before this but know I felt becoming a bit sprung. I liked this feeling a lot.

Bar Confidence Part 2 (Sir Lucky)

I had finally decided to quit my shit job, so I decided to go to my favorite restaurant to have a great time by myself. I sat at the bar and ordered a Manhattan and a cheeseburger with fries! The atmosphere was amazing, 4 pm the business crowed was happy and going and the staff of the restaurant was having a good time. My phone was blowing up because the word had spread that I had quit. In the corner of my eye, I see this man just slide over to me with his wine glass in hand. He was a man in his mid to late 40’s, at average height, blue-green eyes, normal build, and tan/olive skin tone. He’s a regular there as well as he was getting the treatment of a regular. He was eyeing me and made me feel uncomfortable because there is no way to eat a huge cheeseburger in a sexy feminine way!

I decided to directly look at him and ask him if he needed any assistance. He got a bit taken back and asked me how was my cheeseburger. I said it was great but that I couldn’t eat it with him looking at me directly. He laughed and then told me that I was the most attractive girl he had seen at the bar and that I shouldn’t be all by myself. That made me blush but I still couldn’t eat my burger. He noticed and asked me if I found him weird. In reality I didn’t, I thought he was sweet, handsome man. I finally started eating my burger and he found it funny how I was so shy eating in front of him.

Time flew as we spoke about everything from his past and his career to politics and music! I really liked his company and I found myself being really happy to be there with him! At last, I had to go and he asked if we could exchange numbers. I accepted and told him I had a blast with him. We really connected and I really liked him. I asked for my check and I laid down my card to check out. He got upset and he tossed his black card on top of mine and demanded the bartender to charge him. I looked at him with puppy eyes because I had drank a lot and plus food, I was going to pay. “Dont worry, you are worth much more than this!” I thanked him and I got up and said my good-byes. He took my hand and lead it around his neck to pull me close. He kissed me on my cheek and whispered “Im lucky to have met you.” in my ear before letting me go. I smiled at him and walked away. I looked back and he had a huge smile on his face as he checked my ass out.

I smiled back.


To be continued…

Bar Confidence, The Game. Part 1

I recently find myself heading to bars by myself frequently. Never thought I would be that person to do such thing but in reality I have no one to go with but I want to try out different places. Being in the hospitality business kind of help in building some type of confidence to do this because in reality it takes some type of confidence to not feel like a loser alone at a bar full of people. So I push myself to do so all the time. Its kind of fun to go alone to a bar and sit there with a drink in front, making small talk with the bartender or other people there, I usually learn something new each time!

Usually a drink can say so much about a person, about their attitude and about their personality. I usually order a vodka martini, straight up, with olives. This drink usually gets the crowd of men around me (if there is any) attention. Here I am, a sweet, innocent,short girl sitting is alone with such a strong, elegant type of drink, it kind of raises eyebrows around business men. Women around me order glasses of wine and have their girlfriends or colleagues around. There I sit, alone.

I once had the love of someone special. They always reminded me how much they loved me and they would never leave me. It makes me laugh at how stupid i was to believe that as I sit there alone at a bar swirling my drink with the olives. Taking a sip, feeling the strong vodka go down my throat, I look around to see who’s around me. Bunch of after work guys come in and so does some young ladies that come in for dinner, couples in for a date and then some stragglers like me that head to the bar. I have learned as being in hospitality, is to “befriend” the bartenders everywhere you frequently visit, tip them 30%-35% and they will take care of you in EVERY WAY! That means, free drinks, free food but ultimately introductions to people you might be interested in clicking up!

Recently, I seek a specific crowd which are older, white, business men, whether they are in the city for travel or not. I’m in the phase of just trying out a game of who I can tease for the longest at a bar before they offer me to go to their room! It’s a pathetic game but I am lonely and bored. Would’t mind giving a blow job here and there as I know I am not in the best shape to fuck but my blow-jobs are plenty for a traveling business man who only gets “sex 2 times a year”. Anyways, the bartenders know my game and help me by introducing me to their regulars and what not. It gets fun as they see my drink turns into two drinks and max three. “Pat” is an attractive older white guy who works in finance in the area. He is fit with blue eyes and salt and pepper hair and he defiantly goes to the gym 4x a week. He talks about his work and asks me about mine, I sip my drink and he sips his. I find myself thinking why, a man so handsome as he is, talking to me when there are plenty of attractive women around.

I think about it through out our talk and listing to him talk, I find my answer. Although he is very successful and handsome, he doesn’t have that “Bar Confidence”. I touch his knee with mine as I sip my drink once again locking my eyes to him. I place my hand on his thigh as he talks and he takes the hint. “I really find you interesting and very sultry, maybe its the music, maybe its the lighting or maybe its the drinks but I would love to see it more clear up in my room!” At that moment I knew I won the game. I finish my drink and deny him gently even though I was horny but I winked at him while I head to the restroom. He takes the cue and follows me up to the bathrooms (They are located on the second floor). I feel him guided me into the bathroom and I run to the nearest stall where he follows as well.

Our mouths smash against each others and our hands wonder quick. I feel his cock swell up fast as his hands takes a handful of my ass. I let out a small wimper as he  grabs me with such strength. I get on my knees as he whips his cock out of his tailored pants. Looking up, I see him wanting it so much it turns me on, I linger my tongue lightly all over his shaft before starting to suck on his swollen cock. He lets out a groan as he throws his head back and I bob my head on his hard throbbing dick. His hand intertwined in my hair as he holds the pace. I start to stroke his cock while sucking it fast and hard, I hear him enjoy it while trying to keep quiet as possible. Getting faster and faster I feel him about to explode. I look up to see him in pure ecstasy before he lets go of his built up cum into my mouth. I swallow, of course, and it takes him by surprise. “I guess if you can drink a straight up, vodka martini, that was nothing for you!” Made me laugh! I get up and casually walk out of the mens room and into the women’s to clean up.

I go back to my seat and get the check “Don’t worry about it, ‘Pat’ took care of it!”