After I had left to my second job, we started texting each other little cute text to each other. He invited me to have drinks with him and his friends but rejected him as I was very tired and I honestly just wanted to be with him alone.

A few days later, he asked me what I wanted for a man to do for me that would blow me away. I responded “to show up to my job with a bouquet of my favorite flowers.” He responded, “Thats it!? I was expecting that you wanted a car or an apartment. You deserve all that and more.” He said that I was humble and that he liked the fact that I liked simple things. I smiled and texted him reassuring that I was a simple girl with very good taste in certain things but materialistic things Im not very particularly upscale. Couple of days passed and we spoke on the phone couple of times, kept exchanging messages.

One morning though, he said he would love to see me since he would be in the city. I responded that I would be working all day and wouldn’t have time to see him and that we should schedule something later for the week. He agreed and made simple plans. Couple of hours later, I was at work when all of a sudden I see a man from afar walking into the establishment I work. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers and I recognized him immediately! I never thought he would have come all the way over just to see me along with my favorite flowers! I always fantasized a person liking me so much to do that for me! He came in and I greeted him with a smile. He kissed me on the cheek and handed me the huge flowers. “I couldn’t wait till Friday so I came looking for you! You look fantastic and your smile is what has me sprung!” I quickly kissed him on the lips and he was shocked.

I introduced him to my manager and he made funny jokes. We spoke a bit but he had to go to his meetings. He let me know if I was up for some drinks later that night that I should text him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to kiss me.

I saw myself actually liking him a lot before this but know I felt becoming a bit sprung. I liked this feeling a lot.


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