Bar Confidence Part 2 (Sir Lucky)

I had finally decided to quit my shit job, so I decided to go to my favorite restaurant to have a great time by myself. I sat at the bar and ordered a Manhattan and a cheeseburger with fries! The atmosphere was amazing, 4 pm the business crowed was happy and going and the staff of the restaurant was having a good time. My phone was blowing up because the word had spread that I had quit. In the corner of my eye, I see this man just slide over to me with his wine glass in hand. He was a man in his mid to late 40’s, at average height, blue-green eyes, normal build, and tan/olive skin tone. He’s a regular there as well as he was getting the treatment of a regular. He was eyeing me and made me feel uncomfortable because there is no way to eat a huge cheeseburger in a sexy feminine way!

I decided to directly look at him and ask him if he needed any assistance. He got a bit taken back and asked me how was my cheeseburger. I said it was great but that I couldn’t eat it with him looking at me directly. He laughed and then told me that I was the most attractive girl he had seen at the bar and that I shouldn’t be all by myself. That made me blush but I still couldn’t eat my burger. He noticed and asked me if I found him weird. In reality I didn’t, I thought he was sweet, handsome man. I finally started eating my burger and he found it funny how I was so shy eating in front of him.

Time flew as we spoke about everything from his past and his career to politics and music! I really liked his company and I found myself being really happy to be there with him! At last, I had to go and he asked if we could exchange numbers. I accepted and told him I had a blast with him. We really connected and I really liked him. I asked for my check and I laid down my card to check out. He got upset and he tossed his black card on top of mine and demanded the bartender to charge him. I looked at him with puppy eyes because I had drank a lot and plus food, I was going to pay. “Dont worry, you are worth much more than this!” I thanked him and I got up and said my good-byes. He took my hand and lead it around his neck to pull me close. He kissed me on my cheek and whispered “Im lucky to have met you.” in my ear before letting me go. I smiled at him and walked away. I looked back and he had a huge smile on his face as he checked my ass out.

I smiled back.


To be continued…


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