Bar Confidence, The Game. Part 1

I recently find myself heading to bars by myself frequently. Never thought I would be that person to do such thing but in reality I have no one to go with but I want to try out different places. Being in the hospitality business kind of help in building some type of confidence to do this because in reality it takes some type of confidence to not feel like a loser alone at a bar full of people. So I push myself to do so all the time. Its kind of fun to go alone to a bar and sit there with a drink in front, making small talk with the bartender or other people there, I usually learn something new each time!

Usually a drink can say so much about a person, about their attitude and about their personality. I usually order a vodka martini, straight up, with olives. This drink usually gets the crowd of men around me (if there is any) attention. Here I am, a sweet, innocent,short girl sitting is alone with such a strong, elegant type of drink, it kind of raises eyebrows around business men. Women around me order glasses of wine and have their girlfriends or colleagues around. There I sit, alone.

I once had the love of someone special. They always reminded me how much they loved me and they would never leave me. It makes me laugh at how stupid i was to believe that as I sit there alone at a bar swirling my drink with the olives. Taking a sip, feeling the strong vodka go down my throat, I look around to see who’s around me. Bunch of after work guys come in and so does some young ladies that come in for dinner, couples in for a date and then some stragglers like me that head to the bar. I have learned as being in hospitality, is to “befriend” the bartenders everywhere you frequently visit, tip them 30%-35% and they will take care of you in EVERY WAY! That means, free drinks, free food but ultimately introductions to people you might be interested in clicking up!

Recently, I seek a specific crowd which are older, white, business men, whether they are in the city for travel or not. I’m in the phase of just trying out a game of who I can tease for the longest at a bar before they offer me to go to their room! It’s a pathetic game but I am lonely and bored. Would’t mind giving a blow job here and there as I know I am not in the best shape to fuck but my blow-jobs are plenty for a traveling business man who only gets “sex 2 times a year”. Anyways, the bartenders know my game and help me by introducing me to their regulars and what not. It gets fun as they see my drink turns into two drinks and max three. “Pat” is an attractive older white guy who works in finance in the area. He is fit with blue eyes and salt and pepper hair and he defiantly goes to the gym 4x a week. He talks about his work and asks me about mine, I sip my drink and he sips his. I find myself thinking why, a man so handsome as he is, talking to me when there are plenty of attractive women around.

I think about it through out our talk and listing to him talk, I find my answer. Although he is very successful and handsome, he doesn’t have that “Bar Confidence”. I touch his knee with mine as I sip my drink once again locking my eyes to him. I place my hand on his thigh as he talks and he takes the hint. “I really find you interesting and very sultry, maybe its the music, maybe its the lighting or maybe its the drinks but I would love to see it more clear up in my room!” At that moment I knew I won the game. I finish my drink and deny him gently even though I was horny but I winked at him while I head to the restroom. He takes the cue and follows me up to the bathrooms (They are located on the second floor). I feel him guided me into the bathroom and I run to the nearest stall where he follows as well.

Our mouths smash against each others and our hands wonder quick. I feel his cock swell up fast as his hands takes a handful of my ass. I let out a small wimper as he  grabs me with such strength. I get on my knees as he whips his cock out of his tailored pants. Looking up, I see him wanting it so much it turns me on, I linger my tongue lightly all over his shaft before starting to suck on his swollen cock. He lets out a groan as he throws his head back and I bob my head on his hard throbbing dick. His hand intertwined in my hair as he holds the pace. I start to stroke his cock while sucking it fast and hard, I hear him enjoy it while trying to keep quiet as possible. Getting faster and faster I feel him about to explode. I look up to see him in pure ecstasy before he lets go of his built up cum into my mouth. I swallow, of course, and it takes him by surprise. “I guess if you can drink a straight up, vodka martini, that was nothing for you!” Made me laugh! I get up and casually walk out of the mens room and into the women’s to clean up.

I go back to my seat and get the check “Don’t worry about it, ‘Pat’ took care of it!”


“(b)ad(N)ews(p)eter 1”

It took me 1 year and a half to finally be where I wanted to be with this man I was crushing on. His english accent makes every girl he talks to, melt and his tailored suit can intimidate those who work for him. He was actually a very nice person when he got what he asks for but his demeanor states that he would have a temper if something went wrong.

Anyways, there I was, walking up to his hotel room door after a nice light dinner at a greek restaurant he loved. We spoke about so many things and we learned a lot about each other. I would have never thought this day would happen, I only fantasied about it because in all reality, I really did like him, a lot. So the fact that he asked me out on a date made me so fucking happy! Dinner was fun and light, towards the end of dinner though, we started to go forwards flirting to touching, he is very english so he was still very respectful. He invited me up to his hotel room for some desert and wine. We both knew it was a coy to not be vulgar and childish. I accepted but made him go to the room first as I wanted to keep it secret.

I knocked on the door very softly, he almost didn’t hear it. I waited for a slight second as I heard his footsteps heading to the door, my heart was pounding because I knew what this would turn into. He opened the door and he was in his PJ’s. It was super cute and made me a bit relaxed. He took my coat off and my bag off to place it in the closet. I looked around the room and it was gorgeous. It had a living room, little bar area, dinning room and a hallway leading to him bedroom. I walked over to a couch that was nearest to me but i didn’t sit I just stood there like an idiot because I could NOT believe I was there, with the man I had fantasied about fucking for 1 year!

“Would you like some wine, my dear?” he said

“Yes, please. Thank you.” I said so nervous and shy, I barley made a sound.

He went and served us both a glass and gave me one. We cheers and sipped. We both knew we were going to fuck and the sexual tension was radiating from each other! I placed my glass down and just stood there and looking at him with my dark brown eyes. He stared back and finally moved forward to kiss me passionately. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pushed me onto the wall to kiss me deeper. That was it, that was the cue to let all loose. His hands were all over my body, caressing me through my silk shirt and my tight jeans. he quickly tried to unbutton my red shirt but he couldn’t. We were both just to aroused we could not function! I undid my shirt for his as he stared at me with awe.

“That red shirt compliments you very well. It so perfect for this occasion.” He purred as he wrapped his arms around my hips and bury his face to kiss, lick my neck. All I could do is look up to the ceiling still in surprise that this was actually happening. Grabbing his hands, placing them on my breast as I undid the clasp on the back. I slowly took off my shirt along with the bra to reveal my breast to him. He looked at me for a slight second before taking my nipple into his mouth making me groan a bit.

“Wow, you are so beautiful and your skin is perfectly soft.” he said before kissing me once more. this time he lead me to the edge of the bed where he broke the kiss before pushing me onto his fluffy bed.

he got undressed and he revealed a very nice chiseled tan body. A very nice body for a man like him, indeed a man that goes to the gym almost everyday. I was amazed as how in great shape he was in. he kissed me once more before kissing me down to my pants (I still had them on). He unbuttoned them and i slipped out in a hurry. Took off my panties along with it to be completely naked on his bed.

“Such youthful beauty!” He said as  he stood back and looked at me as I was sprawled on his white sheets. My tan skin contrasting on his soft white sheets. He walked towards me and I welcomed him. he kneeled between my legs and licked me earning a moan with every flick.

“You are so wet, I love it!” he said coming up to my chest and taking my nipple in his mouth as he fingered me. I still couldn’t believe that I was in ecstasy by the man I only fantasied about! He grabbed a condom and put it on. We did missionary for a bit, it was nice a slow, it seemed like he really wanted to feel every single inch of me! Then I wanted to take control. I turned him on his back and got on top of him. I kissed him as I put him inside me which earned me a long groan. I smirked when I saw him close his eyes and grab my hips with his hands as I rocked back and forth.

I got off and I gave him a blowjob of his life. All I remember was he couldn’t stop groaning. I did what I know and he came in my mouth in seconds. I looked up at him and saw him looking at me so a swallowed like a good girl before laying besides him. He pet me and gave me compliments about my skills and also my hair. He told me how beautiful I was. We talked for a bit before I felt him get hard again, this time I only gave me a blowjob and he came on my chest.

We wrestled a bit (weird I know) and talked about how this whole thing was crazy. I gave him a small back massage before getting ready to leave. I smiled at him telling him I had a great time. He agreed but he gave me a strange look. I sat on the carpeted floor while putting on my boots and I looked up at him and I suddenly got very sad. He looked at me with a unique look that I have seen before.

“You are not going to see me again, this is only a one time thing, right?” I asked

He looked away

“Why do you have to be so observant about everything? You are wonderful, I will defiantly see you again. I might even take you to France next time I go!” he said but I knew that was bullshit.

I kept looking up at him as I got up on my knees, pulled down his underwear and sucked his cock once more. This time I looked up at him while he pet me as I sucked his shaft and felt him tense up before released one last time in my mouth. I smiled up at him as I swallowed his last load and he started to laugh.

“Oh god, you are fucking wonderful!”

I got fully dressed and started to head out. He “promised” me to see me again and grabbed me to kiss me passionately one last time before I headed out. I couldn’t believe I had made my fantasy come true! I looked back as I walked out and he was watching me get into the elevator. I smiled and waved good-bye as I stepped into the elevator where I was smiling ear to ear, I could not believe I had that experience.

Even as I type this, it feels like a dream…


For the past couple of years, I haven’t experience absolute happiness. I kind of forgot how it feels or how to achieve it anymore. At the moment, I’m just in routine of going to work and going home, maybe I’ll stop by a bar and have a drink by myself but I don’t have anyone or any friends. It took me a while to realize how lonely I am and how much I need someone to make me feel “wanted”. At work I see these successful men come in and spend hundreds of dollars with these women that look like they are worth $100 dollars. It just makes me wonder like “ what do they have that I don’t have?

I see them having fun, drinking, flirting, and having a good time and I also know they are getting paid at the end of the night whether the men they are with are extremely old. But I think what I envy is the attention and the feeling of being lusted for and the way the men look at them and wanted them so much. I may sound desperate and pathetic but it’s something I long for in my life. I’m not the pretty girl and I never was. I am just an average girl who has high standards and will never have it because nice things never happen to average looking girls. I don’t feel like I’ll ever achieve happiness at all…