A Surprising Visitor

We were down one manager during busy season so the company assigned us two managers to assist us through this time. One was an Asian guy who I never spoke to, he looked too cocky for the shit he was but the other was a cool guy! He was an older man who seemed to like what he did. At first we didn’t speak to each other but I would look at him to figure him out or I would listen to the conversations he would have with my co-workers.

Somehow we finally spoke to each other about restaurants around the area. I actually looked forward to working with him because he actually did help in any way he could and I respected him a lot for that. I would go to bobby vans during my break to have a quick drink and chat with my buddies about work and all that before heading back to work, would know I was happy. He did caught me off guard one day stating that I had gone to hang out with my “Rich Boyfriend” during my break in which I was speechless because I never mentioned anything about sugar daddies or being attracted to older guys. He just smiled and walked away.

One day I was in my stance in a little corner, just looking at the dining room, people enjoying their meals. I see him walk towards me and stand right next to me. I asked how it his place was compared to here, he said the staff were more mature. I started to laugh because I believed it was quiet the opposite but he was serious about what he meant. He then proceeded to tell me that the staff was more mature and that I was very mature for my age. I asked to elaborate and he answered that even though I am in my 20’s, the way I carry myself and interact with people portrays my maturity.

“Also how you look at your rich boyfriend makes it believable that you are mature for your age.” I was shocked and speechless at his response and he continued, “I notice how you look at people, especially at that regular (EP), you want their attention and you know the only way is to act mature and it works! That what makes you excel at your job!” I was shocked he had figured me out in 2 weeks! I was a bit mad that I was so transparent but he was completely right. I think he had a bit of a crush on me but we became professionally close.

I grew to like him a lot and I wished he ‘d stayed as a permanent manager. I thought I was the only one who felt that way but actually the whole establishment felt the same way and everyone was sad when it was his last day with us. His last day was the busiest for the month and I was working a 13-hour shift along with him. He covered for me on my break and helped me when I was alone dealing with guests. When it was time for me to leave, I went up to him and asked him to clock me out. He did so and I told him it was a great pleasure to have worked with him. I was extended my hand to shake his hand but he pulled me into a hug. It was a sad good-bye but then what he did after surprised me. He pulled out his business card, turned it around and wrote his cell number on it! I was confused… “Keep in touch” he said with a wink. I didn’t think anything of it and hugged him again and said good-bye.

Later that night, my co-worker and me were out having drinks and dinner at a nearby restaurant so I sent him a text inviting him to come join us. He was still working but he was going to be done in an hour and he would join us. My co-worker and me both were so drunk that we couldn’t give him directions so he decided to go home to his family. We never spoke ever again. I still remember how fun it was to work with him and I really hope all is well for him. A little part of me is still mad that he figured me out so quick though.


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