A perfect date night

I love going out. I love going out with some great company and having multiple drinks and talking about various topics. It doesn’t really matter what topics as long as we are having a great time!

I remember when me and him would go out and have drinks and dinner. We would flirt and feel each other. After multiple drinks I wanted him so badly. Alcohol makes my libido go crazy. I used to love it when we used to go back to his place and i couldn’t contain myself anymore. Alcohol makes it so easy for me to show my true self, my true feelings.

Thats why I love going out before wanting to have sex. It builds up the momentum and makes sex so much better instead of just doing it. It makes me feel less used in a way. Not going on a “date” before having sex, reminds me of my past when i used to go to their hotel, fuck, go eat, get paid and go home. I don’t want that with someone I actually have feelings for.


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