I became interested in restaurants and i read a lot about them. I read about from the start up restaurants in the up and coming neighborhoods  to the 3-Michellin restaurants that many of the “Foodies” know. Im not only interested in the food but I am interested in how the restaurant works. Im interested in how different restaurants work and perform “Behind the scenes”, what goes on before you see your server bringing you the delicious food to your table. I started to work in restaurants and I have seen the difference between high volume restaurants to the top tier 3-Michelin Star restaurant works. One thing for sure is, they all work in a fast pace!

What I love about restaurants is the adrenaline one get during service. You forget what time you suppose to leave work, you just need to get through service and not fuck up!

As a person that loves the behind the scenes, I would love to have a chance to really sit down at a 3-michelin start restaurant, such as Per Se or Le Bernadin because everything is made tying to achieve perfection. Everything is made with such perfection from the moment you step into the restaurant to when you leave. In the kitchen, the chefs use utensils that most “normal” restaurants wouldn’t really use to achieve perfection.

Maybe God has not chosen me as a person to experience this yet. Maybe Im not ready to experience it yet. But seeing girls my age (23) going into restaurants like Per Se, Le Bernadin, Daniel or Eleven Madison Park, makes me wonder, why not me?

Im the one who reads about these chefs and restaurants. Im the one who strive to one day be part of a team staff at one of these great places. Im the one who asks “them” and they reject me and say “No” while other girls ask and get automatic “Yes”. I dont understand what I am doing wrong..

I guess Im not pretty enough for a rich man to take me to one of these places… But I know I will one day experience such dinning experience myself. Ill just wait for my time.


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