Today was the best day ever!

I missed someone dearly and I decided to take the plunge and text him. I had been reminiscing about the days we both hanged out in the park and had the most amazing time just spending time together.

“Hey lets hang out and grab some pizza!”

I crossed my fingers for a positive response.

I was actually thinking of visiting your neighborhood actually!”

“Come! It’s so nice out! It’ll be fun!”

“Ok, I just woke up so give me some time to get ready. I’ll be there in about 30 min. Ok?”

“Perfect! I’ll jump in the shower as well. See you soon.”


With that I jumped in the shower, got dressed and waited for his text that he was here.

While waiting, I had remembered about all the times we had great times together just hanging out. I always loved those days that we just walked around and talked about anything. I really love him.

I got his text and rushed out my apartment. He stood there waiting for me at the corner outside a pizza place. He looked worried

“HOLA!!!” —- “I look like a target here…” I just laughed

We decided to go to a Mexican restaurant, where we ordered drinks and some food. He got a HUGE burrito and I had some tacos. Yum! I was so surprised he ate the whole burrito. We sat and admired the little place; it was a calm but still upbeat place. We talked about life and we talked about his childhood for a brief moment. It was relaxing! We both were having a good time. He was very into the place as he never ate at a restaurant around my neighborhood.

Afterwards, we decided to explore! We walked around the ‘up and coming’ neighborhood and found SO MANY new restaurants. We found a pizza/bar place and a “Scottish” bar. (Maybe, we don’t know) We popped into the bar and decided to have a drink.

“Do you still feel like a minority here?” I asked

“Nope. But age wise, yes” (theres no pleasing him)

We talked about the changes of the neighborhood as it really has changed since I was a child. I guess its has its pros and cons but it’s bittersweet, as least for me. Once it was an immense Hispanic/black neighborhood now turning into a hipster white neighborhood and throwing the people out.

“Lets go to my ‘friends’” he said as he touched my thigh (“Friends” is a hotel)

“okies.” And we headed off to the train station.

We got to the place were we had amazing sex. It was very relax and we were ravishing each other. Making love to this man is the most enjoyable thing for me. Our bodies just know each other and they just fit so perfectly.

We stayed in bed for a while and took a nap until it was time to go. The nap and fooling around after sex is so fun, we are so comfortable with each other!


Before we said goodbye, he bought me a dress, which I feel a tad bit guilty because of the price. (I might take it back, such a wonderful GF I am, aren’t i?)

I left him at a Starbucks because he needed to study and I went on my way to the train station to go back home.

I had a huge smile on my face throughout the whole time I was with him. Even afterwards, I was still happy. I texted him how much he made my day. In reality, he made my whole week! I hope I made his.


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