What do I want…

What do I want?

snohomish fun photographer

I want to be invited to dinner and kiss him in the middle of the street. I want him to invite me to stay over at his place where we lay in his bed and watch movies.


He would cuddle me, keeping me warm as we both watch a random movie. I would play with his hand as he runs tiny circles on my hipbone.


I want to smile as he kisses my head and grabs me close to his body and snuggles in my neck. tumblr_nmg9kzKcmX1ura02lo1_500

I want to fall asleep knowing he will be there when I wake up.


I want to wake up the next morning to find him still there next to me.tumblr_nm9k5p4Zg41u46yfvo3_400

I want to lick his ear for him to wake up.


I want to make him smile. I want to make love to him in the morning, kissing him.tumblr_nmrc72HVni1u2go36o1_500

I want to take a shower with him before heading to the kitchen to make breakfast for us both.


I want to make coffee just the way he likes it and I want to make pancakes for him.


I want to spend the day with him walking around NYC enjoying the weather, enjoying the scenery while I grab onto his arms.


I want to be surprised as I love surprises and he would enjoy the expression on my face.


At the end of the day, as the sunsets, I want him to take me to the pier and hold me close and tell me how much he loves me and mean it.


I know Im still young and this sounds cliché, but at the moment, this is what my heart wants and this what my heart searches.  I would do everything for one person. it shows my love and devotion.I have a lot to give, maybe I’m just to naïve. Maybe one day I’ll finally have this.