Extraordinary Lengths…

tumblr_lkoirgARzW1qfjv55o1_500_large1 tumblr_lx6tofhGb31r0cl5wo1_500As I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling of my room, I always remember this was the exact same thing I was doing when my phone went off signaling a message. It was startling to me because this was right after Super Storm Sandy that hit New York and left many without electricity and the train were not running at all do to flooding. Since the trains were not functioning I was trapped in my house.

I checked my phone and it was a message from him!

Him: Hey baby! Wake up!

Me: Hey baby! Are you Ok? I lost contacted with you last night and I was worried

Him: Yes baby Im ok, staying at a hotel. People are going crazy and hotels are all booked. Insane.

Me:Im sorry to hear that but at least you are ok!

Him: I miss you!

Me: I miss you too! Wish you were here beside me in bed!

A while went by and I was thinking what would I do in his situation. Then he messaged me again.

Him: Baby I miss you so much. I would do anything to have you right now.

Me: aww baby me too. The trains are not running though. We’ll have to wait…

1 minute passes by

Him: Baby I can’t wait! What’s your address!?

Me: What!? What do you mean!?

Him: I don’t care the trains are not running, Im going to take a cab and going see you RIGHT NOW! Give me your address!

I stood silent…

Filé_Of_Yellow_CabI was shocked that a man that was stuck in Manhattan would do anything to see me because he couldn’t wait. The urgency of his text portrayed his need to see me.

Him: Hello? Baby? Address. I just pulled over a cab!

Me: *gives address* Baby you don’t have too baby, it’ll cost you a fortune and it will take a very LONG time considering traffic, baby…

Him: Fuck, the cab driver just told me it will take 1 hour and a half to get out of Manhattan and then who know how long back. I’m sorry. I really need you. I really miss you

Me: Baby its ok! We can talk on the phone. I love you!

Him: I love you too! I wish I were lying next to you in bed.

That was the first time in my life that a man was putting everything on the line to see me. To be with me after a terrible incident that caused half of NYC to shut down. It as the first time that I knew that he was someone special, someone who I knew I had fallen for deeply in love.

I will always remember that day.



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