Love with Him…

       tumblr_m7bszmLejC1qldcmro1_250“I love you” I said

“I do too…” he said as he kissed me.

Anyone who asked me who I love the most, I was say him.

I would clear everything after classes just to be with him. I would walk in snow, rain and wind just to be with him and walk through streams of rainwater to catch him on Facebook to chat with him while I was away.

Seasons-of-loveI still love him so much. Looking into his eyes I see a pool of love and a world of relaxation of comfortableness. Whenever I see him in the streets walking toward me, I want to drown myself in his arms and devour his lips and show everyone how much I love him. Just like in those romantic movies where they love each other so much. I still remember how in the winter, walking the streets of NYC, we used to hold each other to keep warm but also just to be close to each other. We would sneak kisses in the street at night and he would cradle me under his arm to protect me. In the summer, we would take love walks at night feeling the cool breeze as he put his arm around me. He would tell me how pretty I looked even when I knew I didn’t. He would look at me deep in the eyes and tell me he loved me. I would kiss him and everything around us disappeared and he was the only one in the world, my world.


When we are alone, the light shows his arm muscles that I love. I perk up to him and lick his lips and tease his tongue with mine as I wrap my arms around his neck. I kiss his cheek and his neck going down to nibble his arm muscles as I grab his hard erection. Kissing him is a delight and a pleasure that I only wish it never ended. Stroking his erection slightly with my soft hands, I hear him moan as our tongues delight each other. Being on top of him, I attacked his mouth with deep passionate kisses that left both of us gasping for air but to just go back to the passionate kiss. He would lay me down on the bed as he enters me so softly and we both let out a moan to feel each other intertwine.

tumblr_na055iRkxC1tzap87o1_500“You feel so good” he says as he buries his head on my neck and thrust into me softly

 His love is evident with every push and every kiss he give me. I wrap my legs around his waist to bring his closer as he wraps his arms around me. Sex with him is not just sex, it’s the expression of our love that we have for each other and it is impossible to deny. It is incredible how our bodies fit together as if we were meant for each other. Our bodies molds into one as we make love and as we kiss. He likes to flip me on my tummy and grabs my butt as he enters me.


“You have the most amazing ass” he said as he enter me with his delicious erection


He leans on me, holds my hands in his and hugs me tight as he speeds up, never letting my hands go. As he is about to cum I turn my head around and he catches my lips as releases his love inside me. He collapses on top of me, as I lick him softly, as he recovers from his ecstasy. I give him tiny pecks on his cheek and bring him back to earth. He looks at me and smiles down at me. We kiss and hold each other.tumblr_n9d9zlXgRR1tsncpgo1_500

I tell him how much I love him.

He looks into my eyes and smiles.

“I love you too” he whispers in my ear

I look up at him and smile

Our legs tangle with each other and I rest my head on his chest as we both drift into sleep.



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