I hate my body…


I wake up and look in the mirror every single day. Getting ready to go to class in the morning has become a nightmare. Just to see how much I fucked up with my body. I have gained so much in so little time. I hate getting dressed as I know 70% of my wardrobe does not fit me correctly anymore.

I now wear baggy sweaters in order to hide my mistakes and I hate it. Spring is around the corner I i fucking hate my body so much.

I got big and I need to make a change, but every time I look its just disappointing that I just want to curl up and cry. I used to have motivation but now i dont.

I see pictures of the other girl that the special person to me once was interested. she got more beautiful and fit and I just got fat and ugly. (Maybe thats why I’m alone) Im pretty sure he will contact her in a while after he has gotten fully over me and forgotten me.

Im in deep depression because of him and im pretty sure he is having the time of his life. This morning I really hate myself…

Sometimes I wish it would all just be over….


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