Agapi mou having amazing sex like we always have, we went to our regular diner. I was starving and ordered a Cheese Burger and he had his coffee. Our age difference is very noticeable to others but to me it doesn’t matter at all. When he is in front of me, he is my prince, my everything. I touch his knee as a sign of love. Whenever I am with him I feel goofy and happy because I am with him, seeing him smile bring me more joy then anything!

My cheeseburger arrives and I offer to share my fries with him as he speaks about the stock market. I listen and I make funny faces in order to make him laugh and cheer him up because he is always worried about stocks crashing. I love him so much and I show it every second I can. We finish the plate and I notice there were pickles on the side. I offer him a pickle and he declines. Me being the goofy person I am, I try to stab it with a fork and move it to my plate but I was unsuccessful and the pickled flops down on the counter in a very funny, awkward way! The pickle just flopped, it literally did and I started laughing. I noticed him trying not to laugh as he wants to portray his “professional demeanor” but I saw a smile crack on his lips.

We finished and head out into the cold. I walk very close to him and try to steal kisses from him. I tell him how much I love him over and over before we get to the train station. He pulls me to a dark street and he kisses me and I hug him tight, not wanting to let go. He started to tear up and all I wanted is to take care of him. I love him so much. We kiss in the middle of the street. We stay there nuzzling for a bit and then headed to the train again.

Once at the train station, he walked me down the stairs and he kissed me again. We both knew we didn’t want to leave each other. We nuzzled and kissed as people passed by into and out of the station. I held in tears and I know he did too. Our love for each other will always be in each others heart no matter what. We stayed there for 3 minutes and he starts to head his way. I stand there looking at him walk away. He looks back and sees me still there and he waves good night and he walks up the stairs. I wipe a tear off my cheek and head into the station.

Music was playing and all I could think about is when I will be back in his arms again.

I love him so much. DxS

“S’agapo para poli angele mou”


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